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    How Jaz’ Superior Negotiation Skills Helped Her Client

    Our vision is to help transform the lives of great-hearted people through homeownership and we have the honor of accomplishing this mission with hundreds of clients each year. We love what we do and share the experience of one of our great-hearted clients each month.

    Our recent client, Eva had been looking for a home for herself and her two children for several months and didn’t feel her agent understood her wants and needs. Tired and frustrated, Eva reached out to a coworker who had recently purchased a home through The Carin Nguyen Real Estate Network and asked to be put in contact. Our agent, Jazmyn Smith met with Eva that same day to find out what her specific needs were and also helped her to get pre-approved through a lender.

    Soon thereafter, Eva and her kids found the “one” and knew this was going to be home. Eight other buyers also loved the home enough to make an offer. With eight offers and the need for the seller to contribute funds towards Eva’s closing, the odds were highly stacked against us. Jazmyn displayed her superior negotiation skills by using specific strategic language in the offer and working diligently to build rapport and credibility with the Listing Agent. Although, Eva’s offer was not the highest net to the seller, it was accepted!

    There were, however still challenges to come. The biggest of which was a low appraisal, coming in $8,000 under the initial agreed upon sales price. At this point, the seller had significant leverage to remove the contribution toward Eva’s closing cost knowing they could put their home back on the market and go through another bidding war. Jazmyn, having built a great relationship with the Listing Agent and utilizing her knowledge on the lending side was able to convince the parties to move forward at the lower price for Eva while still getting her closing costs covered by the seller. The process from contract acceptance to close took only three weeks, which allowed Eva and her children to move in right away. Eva is now a very proud first-time homeowner and she and her kids are enjoying their life in their new home!

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    Carin Nguyen

    Carin Nguyen takes the business of real estate very seriously and she has the track record to prove it. She holds the recent prestigious title and ranking of the #1 realtor in AZ for sides as awarded by the Wall Street Journal. Carin is an Arizona native and fully understands the complexities and changing landscape of the Arizona market. She has been in the real estate industry for over 10 year’s full time and comes by her expertise honestly, having honed it during years in the finance and mortgage industries. Education and knowledge is key in getting her buyers and sellers what they what. A rich resume built with a tireless commitment to her clients, undeniable proven past success and an uncompromised vision for the future create the recipe for complete customer satisfaction. Carin understands the potential emotional stress and sometimes life altering experiences felt by clients during the real estate transaction process. Carin is unyielding in insisting on complete professionalism from herself and her team while understanding that real estate is a personal business. She thrives on managing the details and individuality of each transaction and client. Her clients know that having Carin on their side means they have an advocate who cares about them and their needs. Carin is convinced that building relationships will ensure continued satisfaction and be reflected in future success. There is no denying what provides Carin with her constant strength. Her family is “at the heart of my motivation to push myself to achieve my goals and to be forthright in all that I do. My husband, Son, is my biggest source of support, my coach and my best friend. I am truly blessed with a loving husband and four great children who collectively strengthen my resolve to be the best at all my endeavors. I can be a wife and mother and still be a successful Realtor because I tackle everything with all that I have. My motto is ‘Working Hard To Get Homes Sold’ for a reason. I am thrilled that so many families have made me their real estate consultant.” A commitment to professionalism, an empathetic and understanding approach to her clients and an unstoppable and dependable force from her family all ensures success for Carin and most importantly, her clients

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